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Enlightening Solutions, Inc. is a leading consulting firm, supplying innovative solutions to the business community.

Our professionals have a strong working knowledge of the best practices in finance, distribution, manufacturing, Logistics, CRM, WMS, SCP, PLM and POS.

Enterprise Solutions:   We provide enterprise solutions to help companies improve business performance and lower cost, while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. We utilize solid business experience, industry-specific expertise, and proven methodologies.

Software Technology:   Our team understands a wide range of software technology, including enterprise software, databases, business intelligence, portals and reporting tools on multiple platforms.

Industry Knowledge:   We understand a variety of industries, including finance, human resources, distribution, supply chain, warehousing, engineering, quality, job shop, projects, government contracting, discrete and process manufacturing.

Confessions of an ERP Sales Rep:   An in-depth look behind the sophisticated game of enterprise software sales. If companies do not understand the rules of the game, they might find themselves prey to the emotional ploys used in the industry.
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Serving the International Business Community

Our customers and services span the glob, providing worldwide solutions to an international business community. We understand the global business community regarding multi-company, multi-currency, multiple accounting systems, taxes and languages.

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