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Professional Services:
Enlightening Solutions, Inc. enables companies to realize their business vision by providing innovative solutions through a wide range of professional consulting services.

Data Mining and Warehousing:
Data mining and warehousing is the efficient extraction, construction and storage of data required for business analysis. The need for data mining and warehousing depends on several factors. Optimal data mining and warehousing sometimes requires a creative perspective.

Through our technical staff of data mining technologists, we can assist your company with a data mining and warehousing strategy along with the selection and implementation of the necessary tools to enhance and leverage your most precious asset: your data.

Experience leads to best practices:

Experience is the best teacher of what works and what doesn’t. Our best practices encapsulate those experiences that led to successful results. Applying the best practices within your company will save days or months of future
re-work within your organization. The ability to identify and re-engineer business processes takes years of experience and works best through the use of external consultants.
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