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Professional Services:
Enlightening Solutions, Inc. enables companies to realize their business vision by providing innovative solutions through a wide range of professional consulting services.

Software Implementation:
Enlightening Solution’s consultants combine industry functional knowledge with expert technical skills to insure a smooth and successful software and technology implementation. Our consultants assist with installation, setup, configuration, analysis, testing, training, and transition support. Our project managers provide planning, tracking, and reporting services to make certain tasks and deliverables are completed on-time and on-budget.

Planning, simulation and high communication will assure a sucessful implementation. Because every industry is different, an implementation team is selected for your specific industry. This team will evaluate your needs and plan your implementation accordingly. The team will execute the implementation in the most efficient manner possible and with the least disruption to your business.

Experience leads to best practices:

Experience is the best teacher of what works and what doesn’t. Our best practices encapsulate those experiences that led to successful results. Applying the best practices within your company will save days or months of future
re-work within your organization. The ability to identify and re-engineer business processes takes years of experience and works best through the use of external consultants.
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